Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Mini Haul

I went to Superdrug on Friday because I needed another Gosh Eye Shadow Base. But... you know... it was 3 for 2 again. I couldn't resist. So I got two nail polishes as I'd tried one before and wanted to expand my collection. I got the aforementioned Metallic Purple, and a shade called Wild Lilac. Haven't tried it yet, but it's next on my list, however it's got strong competition from...

...*duh duh duh* drumroll please...


George @ Asda that is.

Look at these BEAUTIES:

L-R: George Blue Lagoon, George Indigo Dazzle, George Smog, and George Deceit

Honestly do not know which one to choose to use (oo a poet and don't I know it?) when I next do my nails... I desperately want to try out Indigo Dazzle because Charlotte @ Lipglossiping did a review on this and it looked stunning. But Deceit is calling to me because it's a black glitter. But I'm tempted to go for Blue Lagoon because it looks like Gosh' Metallic Purple but blue.

Decisions, decisions!! Expect lots of nail related posts coming your way soon :)

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. Love the look of the George ones, they still £1? think I need to get some today!


  2. When I went on Friday they were £1.50. But still cheap as chips! :) xxx

  3. How well does the GOSH base work? I am in dire need!

  4. Amazingly well, I've never had shadows fade or crease. And it's relatively cheap at just over a fiver! I definitely recommend it! I can't praise it highly enough :)

  5. Whenever I want Gosh most of it is out of stock in my Superdrug especially when its on 3for2 - Im determined to get some as a Christmas present for myself!
    Hope you get your ELF order soon too

  6. Aww no :( Its always in stock at mine but I think thats cos I live in a small town, and nobody appreciates the amazingness of Gosh! Oo good plan!! Me too :) xxx

  7. I love the metallic purple gosh one. It looks sopretty on your nails!! =) xx