Saturday, 19 December 2009

Review: Sleek Graphite Palette

I finally got my hands on one of the most highly sought after make-up products of 2009. Yes, a Sleek Graphite palette is in my possession!! I'd resorted to looking on eBay and with ninja like skills, I found one for the Buy It Now price of £5.29. I can hardly believe it, especially as the majority of people were selling them for £20!! As much as I wanted one, I was NOT going to pay that.

Anyway enough of my Scrooge like spending habits. Here is the product in question:

Gorgeous packaging, a really sturdy palette, which is useful as I'm always back and forth from uni on the train.

I've seen lots of other posts about this palette, and I really loved the colours. I didn't realise until I looked on the back of the palette, that these are all mineral eye shadows. Fabulous!

They look even better in reality. Here, probably for the umpteenth time, is the full palette:

It comes with a large mirror in the lid (ideal for travelling) and a double ended sponge shadow applicator. I haven't used it yet, and to be honest, probably won't, as I much prefer my GOSH brushes.

Here are some close up photos of the fabulous shades:

In these photos, you can see the subtle differences between the shadows

I've numbered each colour which I'll refer back to in future posts:

Today, I applied shade #11 across my lid and shade #1 as a highlight. Shade #11 was very pigmented, but I felt shade #1 wasn't very pigmented, or easy to pick up on to a brush, but you won't want to use a lot if you're using shade #1 as a highlight anyway. They blended together really easily, and applied incredibly easily over my GOSH eye shadow base. However, I did find after a few hours wear, shade #11 did crease ever so slightly. I don't know if the other colours do this, or whether I didn't use enough base. I think it may be the latter because I did notice it was a little thin on my lid, but then I did pack a lot of colour on to it, so I suspect this is user error rather than a product fail. I'll try again and report back.

A couple of days ago, HeavenNRJ was talking to me about eye shadow bases and mineral shadows, and mentioned that she found Urban Decay's Primer Potion didn't work well with mineral shadows, or at least the one's she's tried. I recommended GOSH's eye shadow base because it's been flawless with whatever I've put on my lid (pressed powder eye shadow, loose mineral pigments, mousse eye shadow). For only approximately £5, that's great for a high street product.


All shades applied over GOSH eye shadow base and numbered the same as above

My thoughts:

Shade #1: Great as a highlight, not greatly pigmented
Shade #2: Not really sure when I'd use this. A subtle light pink tone
Shade #3: A lovely silver, I'd use this for a light smokey eye, good pigmentation
Shade #4: A less shimmery silver, again, I'd use this for a lighter smokey eye, not greatly pigmented
Shade #5: A grey-silver tone, good pigmentation
Shade #6: A gunmetal grey colour, I'd use this to get a smokey outer corner, highly pigmented
Shade #7: A purple toned dark grey-black, highly pigmented
Shade #8: A purple toned dark grey-black, highly pigmenteed (these two look the same to me)
Shade #9: An intense black, highly pigmented
Shade #10: A dark grey-blue-black toned colour, good pigmentation
Shade #11: A blue toned colour, not overly intense, good pigmentation
Shade #12: A gorgeous purple - possibly my favourite colour, highly pigmented

Some fab shades in there, not entirely sure if or when I'd use shade #2. We'll see.

Overall, I love the packaging, the colours, pretty good pigmentation, good application, fab price. I think I'd give this a 4/5 rating. Definitely worth having in your collection - that's if you can get your hands on one!

Has anybody else got the Sleek Graphite palette? What do you think to it?

EDIT: I forgot to add that all shades in the palette are shimmery (thanks for reminding me Sylves!) Also, I tried using more eye shadow base... they still creased. Has anybody else found this? Or have you found a wonder eye primer that prevents this? [20/12/09]

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. I wanted to buy a couple of Sleek palettes when I was in London. But they were all sold out (surprise! surprise!). Recently I ordered a bunch of samples from several "mineral" makeup companies (review is coming soon). Now I don't feel bad I didn't get those palettes. lol

    These past two days (evenings to be exact) I tried different brands of mineral eye shadows with UDPP. They began to fade in 2 hours! Not good! Planning to investigate this weirdness. :)

    GOSH primer is on my wishlist now! Gotta give it a go! :)

  2. They've been insanely popular! I think eBay might be your best bet, but watch out for the sellers trying to rip you off with high prices.

    Oo can't wait for that review, I love mineral make up :)

    Oh really? And I thought UDPP was supposed to be the Holy Grail make up product!

    GOSH is fab, you won't be disappointed! x

  3. Ooh lucky! I wanted that soo bad! I just want to ask, are they all shimmer or are some matte shades? Thanks xx

  4. I knew I'd missed something out of my review lol. They are all shimmer shades, even the dark almost blacks xx

  5. I wanted this palette so much but cant find it! I would die for that blue colour (#12) Very jealous!

  6. It was limited edition so it's not available anymore. It is a very pretty shade xxx