Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Hello everyone :)

For once, I really think this mani is going to be a NOTD rather than a NOTW. I love it, and I love the colours... but I think as the polishes needed 2 coats to achieve opacity, plus a basecoat and topcoat, I have like 6 coats of polish on. And my left hand is better than my right hand. And I also made the mistake of doing it late at night, then going to bed. So yes, I have sheet imprints, fingerprints and bubbling. Lovely...

Anyway, on to the actual polishes. I swatched all of my new Nails Inc polishes to see what they were like, and to see which I wanted to use. And also for another blog post. Coming soon, watch this space!

Polishes used:
* Nails Inc Underground Basecoat
* Nails Inc Victoria Gate (from the A/W '09 Catwalk Collection)
* GOSH Metallic Purple
* Nails Inc Walton Street (from the Feet Treats set)
* Barry M 3 in 1 Top Coat/Base/Nail Hardener

Materials used:
* Red Butterflies from the Dollar Nail Art Store

* Apply 1 coat of basecoat and allow to dry
* Apply Victoria Gate to one half of the nail (2 coats for opacity) and allow to dry
* Apply Metallic Purple down the centre of the nail in as straight a line as humanly possible, making sure it covers the edge of Victoria Gate and allow to dry
* Apply Walton Street to the other half of the nail, making sure you get a straight line over Metallic Purple, letting as much or as little of the Metallic Purple show through as you'd like and allow to dry
* Apply 1 coat of topcoat
* If you're going to add butterflies or stars like I did, drop them on to the wet topcoat as soon as you can and allow the topcoat to dry, then add a second layer of topcoat just to seal the nail art

Here's the finished mani:

Pics of the polishes:

Victoria Gate

Metallic Purple

Walton Street

The colours even match my ring :D

If I do this again, (or when - who am I kidding?), I will choose colours that need just one coat of polish. And I'll do it earlier in the day so I don't go to bed and ruin it haha. Also I will take more time with my right hand. I didn't take photos of my said hand because the lines of Metallic Purple are wonky and too thin. Doh! I do love these colours though. Quite possibly my favourites from the sets I received for Christmas :)

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. OOO I like this! The colours work really well together, it would just look a bit tragic if I tried it.

  2. Thanks :) Oh go on you never know! I tried it on a whim and kinda made it work xx