Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Loving & Loathing

Here's what I'm loving and loathing this week:


* Attending my EU tutorial Perving over my hot French lecturer again
* I'm at home and it's all Christmassy!
* The X Factor Final! The right kid won in the end :)
* Student Loans put £108 in my bank account :D
* My nail art kit is on its way!!!
* My Sleek Graphite palette is on its way
* My bargain China Glaze purchase on eBay
* I saw Emma yesterday for the first time in bloomin' ages!
* I bought a Volcanic Popping Candy edition of Terry's Chocolate Orange om nom nom xD
* I've almost finished my Christmas shopping
* Its going to snow this week. Don't backtrack weatherpeople!


* That my phone broke and had to get sent off for repair :(
* Fog
* Rain
* Essays
* That MegaVideo only allow you to watch 72 minutes of video when I am impatiently trying to catch up with Brothers & Sisters
* Traffic
* Being cold
* That I spent the money Student Loans gave me :(

Until next time,
Dottie xx

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