Thursday, 3 December 2009

Mini haul

Oh hello my dears :) I am beyond chuffed that I have 10 followers now! Welcome once again :)

Ok so yesterday, instead of being a good student, I erm, went shopping haha! Well, in my defence, I got uber excited at hearing that Sleek were stocked in Superdrug in Hanley, so I had to hop on the erm lovely bus aka the peasant mobile (via the Students' Union to pick up my ELF parcel!) and go and check it out.

The results? Disappointed. Yes, I found Sleek. No, they did not have the highly sought after Graphite palette. It wasn't even listed on the shelf. Grr. Oh well, I'll have to track it down on eBay when I've got some more pennies.

Ok, so what did I get? I'll start with my ELF order and then show you my other goodies.

Last Friday, I took advantage of ELF's 2nd birthday offer of free postage and free lip shine to place my very first order. Yay! I needed a brush holder, so I ordered the small one, a smudge eye sponge, the Studio Corrective Concealer, a mineral lipstick in Rosy Raisin, and then I got a pink lip shine free. I'm not 100% sure which one they sent me, but I think it's Watermelon. I like it anyway so that's good :)

Small brush holder:

Smudge Eye Sponge:

Studio Corrective Concealer:

I just want to say that I'm not amused by this concealer at all. I don't feel it did alot for my skin. And the brush that comes with it doesn't seem to hold any product, so I used my fingers which helped. Won't be buying this again though. I ended up going back to my old faithful L'Oreal Touche Magique. Is there something I'm missing?

Mineral Lipstick in Rosy Raisin:


L-R: Mineral Lipstick in Rosy Raisin and Super Glossy Lip Shine in Watermelon (I think!)

I've heard Rosy Raisin being described as 'my lips but better', and I have to say that is spot on! I found the lip shine to smell quite sweet however when its on, you can't taste it, and I didn't find it to feel sticky either thankfully. That didn't stop my hair sticking to it in the wind however haha!

Ok, so what else did I find while I was out? I just about managed to refrain from spending my last few pounds in Superdrug. That didn't stop me window shopping for about half an hour though :) I saw some products that I am definitely going back for another time.

One thing I did pick up was Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizer with Vitamin E in the travel sized bottle. I love the lip balm and can't live without it, and I've noticed with the awful weather we're having here at the moment, my hands can't stand the cold, and have become very dry, despite having religiously worn gloves outside and moisturized all the time. Hmm. Anyway I tried it out last night. I love the formula because it's not at all sticky or greasy and you don't get that feeling that you need to wash your hands after, which sort of defeats the point, does it not? It left my hands feeling silky smooth and soft. Lovely. One thing I don't like about it - the smell. Reminds me of a stuffed toy I received for Christmas years ago. A moose that was brown and smelled of chocolate. It makes me want to gag just thinking about it. However, if you like the smell of sickly sweet chocolate and love Palmer's other products, I recommend it. Does the job perfectly. Not so sure I'll be rushing out to buy the full sized version any time soon though.

Having been disappointed at not picking up a Sleek graphite palette, I was mooching around Primark when I stumbled across the gift section. And this:

£2. Can't be up to much... can it?

I'll admit it, I bought it purely because of the Midnight, Royal and Galaxy shades

Here they are swatched over the GOSH eye shadow base:

As you can see, Glacier barely shows up. The best colours are Fudge, Midnight, Regal and Galaxy. For some reason my flash was playing up and wouldn't show any of the colours so I had to leave it off, hence the dull photo.

I wore Fudge today on my lid with Glacier as a highlight. Fudge was fine and stayed all day over a base and I think its a good match for the coppery colours in the 120 pro palette. You can't tell I have Glacier on though. A dud colour methinks. I'll get round to trying out the others and see how I get on. I swatched these without a base and there was hardly any colour pay off. Have you tried any Primark make up? Got any recommendations?

Also, while I was in Primark, I picked up a Strawberry body scrub:

I don't know why they called it strawberry, it smells like melon. It does smell gorgeous however and left my skin feeling lovely. It promises to buff and shine your skin. Not so sure if it actually did anything though apart from leave black bits all over my shower *grumble grumble* Although for £1.50 I guess I wasn't really expecting miracles. Have you tried this or another Primark beauty product? What did you think?

Hmm, I realise this post is uber, uber long but I promise you I only have two things left to show you. I got some money for my birthday and I was quite happy to discover Dorothy Perkins were having a sale. And free P&P. Kerching!

I bought this dress:

And this ring:

Yes, I know it's on my ring finger, that's because I have a bruise above my knuckle I didn't wanna see on camera lol :)

That is all :) I hope you're not all asleep haha!

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. You brought some great stuff :)

    I was going to get that palette from Primark too but then decided against it as I had just been and got 3 Urban Decay ones and didn't really need it haha *didn't stop me wanting it though*.

    Love the dress & ring too

  2. Woah 3 UD ones?! What I would do for 1 haha :) *Writes to Santa* xD

    Thanks xox

  3. Haha yeah I felt like treating myself.
    Look on eBay, I got most of my UD palettes from there *the older ones* brand new but for half the retail prices :)


  4. Oo thanks for the tip :) *Allocates next month's student loan* xxx