Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My 5 Favourite Perfumes

Hello my lovelies, I thought I'd share this with you. Maybe you want to buy a new perfume, or are after recommendations for Christmas gifts. Here are my 5 all time favourite perfumes. Guaranteed to be a winner.


Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue – I have been in LOVE with this fragrance for years. It is absolutely divine. It smells of lemons and the scent lasts all day. It transports my mind to sunnier climes and memories of days gone by ♥

D&G Light Blue has a combination of lively Sicilian citron and effervescent Granny Smith Apples, softened and ethereally blended with the intensity of freesia, jasmine, earthy musk and amber.” - http://www.scent-sation.co.uk.

The website also says: "D&G Light Blue is a stunning perfume that's both overwhelming and irresistible, like the joy of living." They’re absolutely right! My advice – go and buy it immediately!!! If there was one scent I could smell for the rest of my life – it’d be this, without a shadow of a doubt.


Givenchy Very Irresistible – I received a set of 5 miniature perfumes for my birthday and this was one of them. I adore it as it smells of flowers. Roses to be precise: “Bursting with roses and infused with star anise, and verbena leaf.” - http://www.scent-sation.co.uk.

It’s not too strong either. The miniature selection (available in Superdrug) is a great idea for a gift as it gives you the option to try several scents before committing to buying a full sized bottle. Seems to last all day. Lingers to scarves. Mmm :)


Britney Spears Curious – Sshh I know it’s from old Britters (and it only cost me a fiver!) but this really is a gorgeous fragrance. It’s light and sweet. “Curious tempts the senses with fragrant blooms of Louisiana magnolia touched with golden Anjou pear and dewy lotus flower. Pink cyclamen brings an unexpected twist to the rich floral heart, while bottom notes of vanilla-infused musk enveloped in rich, creamy sandalwood and radiant blonde woods weave an addictive aura into the fragrance.” - http://www.scent-sation.co.uk.

Doesn’t seem to last all that long, but it seems to have permanently fragranced one of my scarves. Yummy.


Giorgio Armani Code – I had a tester for this from a magazine and I took an instant liking to it. Utterly feminine and simply lovely.
Seduce the senses with an intriguing orange flower note with fresh ginger accents and the caress of honey-sandalwood accord creating an unforgettable and captivating new encounter.” - http://www.scent-sation.co.uk. It’s on my Christmas list.


Jennifer Lopez Deseo – Oo another perfume I fell in love with when I applied for a tester an absolute age ago. “J Lo Deseo is inspired by the smell and feel of the air during a midnight walk in Jennifer's flower garden -- moments before a thunderstorm. Deseo has scents of orange blossom, jasmine and mimosa mingles with cedar wood and wet earth radiating energy and warmth.” - http://www.scent-sation.co.uk.

The description isn’t far wrong. I adore it ♥

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. Nice post, finding a good perfume is not a difficult job, but finding a perfume in antique bottle is quite difficult.

  2. Thanks :) I suppose you could put a perfume into an old antique bottle if you so wished? x