Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Review: Gosh Nail Lacquer in Metallic Purple

Oh my GOSH. (Haha sorry!) I am in love. With #568 Metallic Purple Nail Lacquer from GOSH. It's bloody gorgeous!!!! Can't stop looking at my nails!!!

In the bottle it looks pink with swirls of silver running through it. I glanced at it on the shelf and then passed it over. But I couldn't decide on another shade. Thank GOD for my wonderful mother, who said, "Go on, get that one". So I did. Boy was I glad I did!?!

It's so amazingly gorgeous. I noticed that night that my false nails were sporting some tip wear, and one nail tip had gone from white to gray *erm?* Anywho, I was so pleased because I decided to try this baby out.


I would like to point out here that the flash picked up the pink tones. In ordinary natural light it looks like a light opaque (incredibly so) purple with a mirror shine finish. I say 'mirror shine' in that it reminded me of a nail polish I got when I was a lot younger. It was from Avon, I think it was a limited edition range and I had it in green. It was a mirror shine polish. And it had the exact same finish as this one. Coincidentally does anybody remember the Avon polish in question?

See? There's a reflection of my head haha!

Love, love, love it!!!!! I went on the Gosh website and found out they do a green version!! I am getting this the next time I'm in town!

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. Oh Yeah! I love it tooo :D actually I got it from my mom then she said she liked the color, then i bought one to her and law it on her pillow :D

  2. It's so gorgeous!! Aww that's sweet :) x

  3. Where can I buy this nail polish? I have been looking everywhere for a color like this similar to one I always use that has been discontinued.

  4. In your local Superdrug :)