Friday, 18 December 2009

Review: Avon Angled Blusher Brush

Ok, so I said I’d do a review on this brush. Ta da, here we are!

The brush comes in a handy protective packet which I like as I know it can be kept relatively clean and in shape inside this.

Is this the done thing? Or do you just plonk your brushes in a brush holder? My ELF brush holder is full of brushes in packets!

The brush has a long black handle of 13.7cm (top of the handle to the start of the bristles). The length of the whole brush is 17.5cm. The actual bristles are synthetic and really super soft, they feel lovely against your skin.

Sorry for the blurry photo, but you get the idea of the shape

I went to apply my blusher with this for the first time at the weekend. I usually dab my brush into my powder twice, as the current blusher I am using is a pressed powder, and my old brush didn’t pick up that much. I made the mistake of thinking this would be the same. I was wrong. I think it picks up a lot, so I’d be careful if you were going to use this brush. One dab is enough before gently sweeping it across your cheekbones.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend this brush. At £5.50 it’s a bit of a steal!

Until next time,

Dottie xx

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