Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Morning :)

My 2 hour Healthcare law seminar was cancelled, so I thought I'd do something productive, i.e. tweet and blog haha. As I mentioned yesterday, I bought MAC's Cranberry eye shadow, so I came up with an F/EOTD for you today.

Also, I thought I'd show you last night's KOTD. I'm still not sure if I like it but I've had a few compliments so it's obviously not all bad lol. I managed to break a couple of nails, so I now have short ones. Typical when my new Konad plates for french tips are on their way! Ah well... falsies it well may be this weekend!

Now I'm off to BPP Law School in Manchester for a 3 hour snooze Commercial Awareness session, so I'll hopefully catch up with a few of you later. If Twitter ever works again haha  - is it down for you ladies too?
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  1. Such a pretty colour- it's on my wishlist now! Goes really well with the nails too. x x

  2. Yknow, I've never really wanted Cranberry before, but now I do.
    Damn you for being gorgeous and making me want shit D<

  3. wow, you rock cranberry! I sold mine, I could not pull it off!

  4. Beth - thanks :) xx

    Leanne - Aha sorry :p xx

    daisychain - Thanks :) xx

    Nicola - Thank you xx

  5. that looks lovely! I've had my eye on cranberry for a while, I've got a stila shadow which is similar but quite alot brighter so its not really any good for day to day wear - this mades your eyes look really sparkly!xxx