Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I spy...

...lots of things I want to buy. And I'm still waiting to be paid. Failsville. For any of you fashionistas on Twitter, you may or may not realise that high street store, Dorothy Perkins have a Twitter account - @Dorothy_Perkins. They've just tweeted about 20 must have items for under £20. Sounds good right? I clicked through to have a look, and I'm totally lusting after this:

Image credit: Dorothy Perkins

Right in time for the launch of Alice In Wonderland in cinemas a week on Friday, right? It's £15 :)

Yesterday, I saw this on eBay and have decided I have to hunt it down in Primark next week. I really hope it's still in stock!

Image credit: eBay

Loving florals at the mo! How about you? Seen any items you're totally lusting after anywhere?
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  1. I love Dorothy Perkins, especially their heels and I've been lusting after a pair for a while now.
    Also a LuxAddiction phone case, along with some FoxyLocks extensions have been added to my wishlist :).

  2. I can't walk in their heels lol! I want to try some extensions. I dislike being a poor student lol x

  3. I saw that bag last week in Primark and they have another in a slightly different fabric, they are so cute. But I used one of these from Primark for collage and the quality was aweful, they end up breaking really fast, so not good as a book bag or for heavy stuff, but still cute!

  4. I saw some of the other ones on eBay :) Yeah, they're not so good for heavy duty use really, I've noticed that. Pretty though!