Saturday, 20 February 2010

Loving & Loathing


What a week! I feel so tired, yet I've done nothing :S Anywho, here's what I'm loving & loathing this week:

* Getting some pretty great semester one module results :D
* Lady Gaga at the Brits
* Having one day at uni this week
* Finally getting my Amazon voucher/PayPal voucher/Boots voucher through from various organizations
* Having lost another 5lbs this week :D

* Snow - go awayyyyyyyy
* Men - grow a sodding backbone plzkthx
* Getting a cold - typical when I'm opening my room in halls for the Open Day today and have to talk to lots of people alllll day with a sore throat! Send me Lemsip & Strepsils please?
* Not being able to afford JLS/Kings of Leon/Download tickets
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  1. Well done on your results and weight loss honey! I'm trying to lose weight but I doubt it will be as much as 5lbs in a week -that's awesome!!

    Hope your sore throat gets better soon. x x

  2. Well done on your results and the weightloss!
    I am well and truely fed up with the snow too! And I'd love love some downloand tickets but am too poor & have nobody to go with! x

  3. Thank you :) Aww rubbish isn't it? x

  4. congtats on the results and weight loss girly

  5. lovely blog darling.' and those nails in the previous post are so amazing!!xx