Friday, 26 February 2010


Hi :)

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages! My apologies, I've been super busy with uni. I do however have a new mani to show you. I've been lacking inspiration in the nail art department, so I was looking through my nail art inspiration folder (a tad obsessed haha?!) and I saw this:

Image Credit: Google Images

I attempted to recreate it, minus the rhinestones:

What products did I use?
Rimmel Pro in Oyster Pink
Nails Inc in Walton Street
Konad special white polish
Dotting tool
Barry M 3-in-1 top coat

I didn't use rhinestones for the simple fact that I'm at home for Reading Week and didn't bring them with me. Next time I do this, I shall add them and show you how that looks :)
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  1. So so pretty! It looks so perfect! xo

  2. You must be an extremely patient person... I don't think I could ever achieve something that looks so great. If I did, it would take me many many hours!

  3. Aha I do believe I must be! You should totally try it some time :) x

  4. Love this! How do you get the line of pink so straight...did you do this freehand?

  5. Thanks :) Sheer luck lol! And yes, I did it freehand x