Monday, 8 February 2010


Hi everyone,

I thought I'd show you this KOTD that I did last Thursday. I was intending to do a different version of this, but Collection 2000's 'Button Moon' let me down immensely. It promptly got thrown into the bin in a fit of rage. Now it's probably in the great big nail polish landfill in the sky. Ah well never mind!

Here's how it turned out:

What products did I use?
Rimmel 'Green With Envy'
Konad Plate M2
Konad Special White Polish

Not overly happy with it, I think it's a bit boring. However whilst browsing for plates the other night, I saw that the Konad site offer a range of inspiration when you click to see larger images of their plates. Yay! Talking of Konad plates, Leanne and I ordered some the other night and they're on their way! Wahoo! I only bought 3 because I'm saving my pennies atm, but I shall do a post about them when they arrive. Watch out for some more exciting Konadicures coming your way!
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  1. I really like this its pretty x

  2. Ok since i made this comment i have been watching zillions of konad You Tube videos .. Im soo converted to nails now . I really want to give this a go . Where is the cheapest place to get a starter kit from ? x

  3. Oh my god I NEED that colour! Yknow, I was looking through my collection the other day and I've only got four greens - and three of them are mint greens (plus I've got China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint on the way so that'll be 4 mint greens...) but that one is absolutely stunning. Do want!

  4. Matron-Jo - It's cheaper to import from the US so I'd recommend or if you wanted to order in the UK, I got mine from Amazon, or you can go to or even try eBay :) If you order from ocnailart, drop me an email or DM me on Twitter cos I've got some discount codes :) x

    Leanne - I had to throw my mint green out cos it was rubbish. Need to find a decent one x

    daisychain - Thanks x