Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Hiya :)

Hope you're all well and not having the torrential rain that we are! I thought I'd post these together so you don't get spammed with posts :)


Ever since trying out Sophie's smokey eye look last week, I've become obsessed haha. With the look I mean, I haven't become Sophie's stalker or anything lol. Deary me! Anyway, last night I went into my make up drawer and was having a tidy up and found my GOSH Effect Powders, which I'd completely forgotten I had. So today I decided to use it, but jazz it up a bit with some smokeyness. I love how it gives some depth and definition to a look. Anyhow here it is:

The blurryness shows up the smokeyness more

What did I use?
* GOSH Eye Shadow base
* GOSH Effect Powder in Sunstone
* Max Factor Earth Spirits Eye Shadow in Onyx
* Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Noir
* Lacura Sensitive Mascara in Black


I decided last night whilst watching Glee that I would do another Konadicure. Oh how I wish I hadn't bothered! I broke a nail, my Collection 2000 polish wouldn't stay on my nails (it kept bubbling into nothingness!), Konad wouldn't go right and I had to redo several nails. Clearly wasn't my day! I took these photos today and I have to say I like it more than I did last night. But it won't be staying on long.

*close up*

*no flash*
*close up*
Bit of a stamping fail on the finger next to my little finger
By the way I totally intended for only one flower to be on the index and little fingers - the whole design wasn't going to fit on :)

What did I use?
* Rimmel Wear Maxx in Baby Pink as the base colour
* Konad plate M2
* George Blue Lagoon
* Nails Inc Victoria Gate
* Barry M 3 in 1 Top Coat

Lessons learned from this Konadicure:
* Do not use Rimmel Pompous for Konading - it just doesn't work
* Don't do Konadicures late at night when you're tired and sleep deprived and therefore grumpy haha
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  1. I think your nails look really pretty! i love the colour you used as a base


  2. Hehee! Sometimes in my sleep deprived grumpy mind I think Oh let's just take off my nail polish and make it look fresh and funky again.. BAD IDEA! *sulk* :P

    Love the smokey eye - subtle and very pretty! AUGH I hate when nails break.. my pinky one torn the other day *shakes fist* !!

  3. Glad it's not just me then lol!

    Thanks :) I broke my pinky one today! Bad times lol x

  4. Really pretty eye makeup :) and your nails look cute too.