Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Wish List Purchase!

Hiya :D

I hope you're all good. I'm having an uber good day for a change haha! I found out that I missed the fire drill yesterday! Wahoo! Our lecturer told us that next week's 2 hour lecture is cancelled so I have an extra day off which means an extended weekend at home! Leanne informed me that our Konad plates had arrived - incredibly quick shipping from ocnailart.com there! I should have mine in the next few days! I went to a talk from ILEX today which made me feel a lot better about my future, and to top it off, I bought an item from my wish list! "What did you buy?" I hear you cry.

Well, I had to go into the Students' Union today and the make up lady was there (coincidence, no?) with her bargain make up stall. So I had a ponder, and I came across her huge MAC collection. I caved. However I was good and just bought the one item that was on my wish list rather than go mental and buy lots just because it was cheap. This willpower thing is working out well for me :D

I bought... *drum roll please*


Yes, I bought MAC's Cranberry eye shadow. I've been lusting after this for absolutely ages, thanks in part to Makeup Your Jangsara - if you haven't checked out her blog, you definitely should, she has the most amazing makeup skills!

I bought this for £8. It's currently £11 on the MAC website. So I saved myself £3 and £2.95 P&P. I don't really know why this was £8 when all the rest were only £6.50, but heyho, this is the one I wanted. She also had MAC pigments at £6 each or 2 for £10! Considering they're £15 each on the website, this is an absolute bargain! I also found some Urban Decay and Benefit items but nothing that shouted out "Buy me." She also had a lot of high street brands including Soap & Glory, Rimmel, Max Factor & Maybelline.

Anyway, back to my purchase. I did a quick swatch on my finger with no primer and this is how it turned out:


*no flash*

Luckily this goes with the colours in the top I'm going to wear to Manchester tomorrow, so I'll do an EOTD so you can see what it looks like over a primer :)

Have you found any bargains recently?
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  1. Oooh how pritts! Can't believe you have a makeup lady at your Student Union. I would have gone to uni if i knew they were makeup ladies! Sounds like she had lots of fab things! *jealous*
    Gorg colour - looking forward to an EOTD hunnie
    Milly xxx

  2. Hehe she's awesome :) Thanks xxx

  3. Oooh i luurve Cranberry :)

    Awwww i want a make up lady that sells me cheap make up :(


  4. Hehe aww. Well if there's anything you're after on the cheap, let me know and I'll see if she's got it in :) xxx

  5. Cranberry is the one thing from Mac I would love love love. Is it as gorgeous in real life?

  6. That looks gorgeous and what a bargain!! You have a makeup lady in your SU? Lucky! Could up send her over Birmingham way lol? x x

  7. Yeah she's here twice a week :D Haha :p If there's anything you're after I can keep an eye out for you :) xx