Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Glam Rock Gift With Purchase #

Morning ladies :)

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!! I'll properly be back into the swing of blogging in the new year with some new features, reviews, nail art and much more.

I'd also like to say a huge hello and welcome to all of my new followers, I'm looking forward to interacting with you all :)

Just before Christmas I popped into Boots to pick up some last minute gifts, and I happened to wander past the make up stands and saw this gorgeous item from 17!

Behold the Glam Rock Eye Shadow compact, free with purchases over £6 of 17 cosmetics:

Inside are 6 gorgeous eye shadows (two matte, four shimmer) and a full length mirror.

The six shades are:
Mardi Gras
Glitter Spirit
Punky Purple
Glitter Style Queen
Night Sky


Top row

Bottom row

The shadows are really pigmented and are perfect for this party season. I know what I'll be sporting on New Years Eve :D Go and grab yours before they go!

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  1. Ohh I picked this up just before Christmas too! I love it when boots do offers like this :) I didnt want to use them though because of how nice they are, but I will be :P xxx

  2. OOh I was debating whether purchase + get this or not, I find their eyeshadows quite hit or miss.

  3. Charli - I'm a sucker for their free gift offers! Same here haha! It looks to pretty, but I took the plunge - the shadows are gorgeous! And the goldy one isn't what it seems at first but totally lush! xxx

    Laura - Go for it :D I don't think you'll regret it xxx

  4. I know I used it and its completely different was really happy with it and it had such a strong colour :) But I am sad to say my gorgeous roses no longer look how they did :( xxx

  5. Aww I know they were such a cute touch to the palette xxx

  6. Mentioned you in my blogs to follow 2011 :]

    Happy new year gorgeous x x

  7. I've just seen and commented, thank you so much lovely!! Happy new year to you too xx

  8. that is my perfect coloured palette well minus the purple .. i LOVE neutral shadows! fab post!

  9. It's gorgeous isn't it? I'm not really a fan of purple either but I'm sure I'll find a way to use it up :) Thank you xx