Saturday, 18 December 2010

Saturday Summary

Afternoon :)
♥ I discovered that one should not leave one's Christmas shopping until this close to Christmas. Nightmare. Oops. Must be better organized next year! Can I have another week between now and Christmas? Please?

♥ The simplest things can make me beam with happiness

♥ A lovely email made my week

♥ Grabbing a bargain is a guaranteed pick me up :D

♥ People taking time to reach out to you is quite nice

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  1. lovely summary :)
    for once I was actually organised this christmas - I had all done before december !! x

  2. oh no, going into town at the moment is just awful- so I do feel for you.
    I'd like a new outfit for xmas day/boxing day, but not sure what Im going to do as town just is awful. At least you've started in thoughgh xxx

  3. Isn't it crazy busy?! Oh same here. Might have a look this week xxx

  4. That is one cute picture.
    I'm sure it takes us all back to our youth. :-) xx

  5. Aww I know, reminds me how eager I was for Christmas as a kid! xx