Friday, 31 December 2010

Things I learned through December 2010

Hello possums :)

Back in October, I saw this fab post over at Lollipop Loves... and decided to have a go at doing it myself. Based on the idea that we learn something new every day, it's a way of seeing what we learnt over the past month. Nothing here is going to get me a phD but they're interesting little tidbits nonetheless.

Here's what I learnt in December 2010...
001. Mother Nature owns us. I'm talking about snow of course. And the UK's inability to deal with it.

002. Best friends are only such when it suits them.

003. There is apparently a time difference between Newcastle and Lincolnshire. There's something we were never taught in Geography. Sarcasm over ;)

004. Cats and Christmas trees and decorations, specifically shiny mirror baubles, do not mix. They end up at best as new playthings, and at worst teeny bits of shattered plastic all over your floor. Thanks Whisper ;)

005. I really hate having short nails. Grow faster pleasey.

006. The simplest of things can make my week, before it's even properly begun!

007. People can be incredibly confusing.

008. Making decisions is hard.
009. I am like a small child waiting for Christmas morning when it comes to the postman arriving with goodies that I've ordered. Hehehe.

010. I can never resist a good offer. Ever. I always succumb to the temptation!

011. I will always worry about people. I am a worrier. Oh deary me.

012. The simplest things can put the biggest smile on my face <3

013. Nail polish makes me happy. Especially when it's cheap and cheerful and is surprisingly good quality.

014. I hate Christmas shopping. And queues. And chuggers. But I will always stop for them because I'm too nice like that.

015. I need and want to make some positive changes to my life :)

016. Being a blogger always leads to good surprises!

017. People will always disappoint, and take you for a mug as often as they can. I need to learn to say 'no' more often.

018. I will never enjoy removing glitter polish! But will it stop me from putting it on? Oh no no. It's far too pretty.

019. PJ days are the best.

020. Friends are amazing <3

021. Willow Smith's Whip My Hair is equally annoying and addictive. Eek.

022. Baking is the perfect way to relax. I kid you not.

023. I seem to forever be running late with things. I used to be so prompt. Tsk.

024. Last minute Christmas shopping is never good. Note to self: Be more organized next year! And definitely do not attempt to go to supermarkets even if it is 6am. They will always be rammed with crazy, manic, angry shoppers.

025. I can bury the hatchet on Christmas. Even if it is for appearances sake.

026. The DFS sale does actually end. And their sofas aren't even that nice. Oh and their staff are all vultures. My sarcasm never takes a back seat ;)

027. I can restrain myself from making rash sale purchases. Hallelujah, there is hope!

028. The brain can be a confusing thing.

029. I have a terrible sense of balance. I've been forever walking into things and falling over today haha. Doors, carpets, my own feet. You name it, I've bumped into/fell over it.

030. When it comes to glitter polish removal, I never learn! But China Glaze Ruby Pumps, I will never disown you. You look far too pretty and shiny <3

031. I am rubbish with money. I need an accountant. Feel free to apply within ;)

What did you learn this month?

Happy New Year my darlings <3 I hope you have a good one!

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  1. aww loved this post :) I love lollipop love's post on this today :)

    and dont worry, I'm crap with money too lol.



  2. Thank you darling :D I love her posts! Hehe we must spend to much for our blogging art ;)

    Thank you! Happy New Year to you too my dear xxx

  3. Love this post so much! I totally agree with some of them, I have short nails. Argh grow faster! Simple things = great and come as little surprises. People (including me) are always confusing... hehee... Decisions are very hard! Regrets usually follow. Glitter polish! UGH! When I read that, I wanted to give you a high five. I hate taking off glitter polish, but it's so gorgeous. Whip My Hair is annoying but I can't stop singing it. My friends are like... what did you just say? Baking is my favorite thing to do! (and lick the batter...) Clumsiness is my middle name. Your posts are adorable!!!

    And number 004, well that made my day.

    Happy new years!

  4. Aww thank you :) Licking the batter is the best bit of baking hehe. Thank you dear, that put a smile on my face! Happy New Year to you too! xxx

  5. This made me laugh, especially the one about cats and christmas trees. I know exactly what you mean, we have had to put the nicer decorations high up the tree so she would avoid them!
    Happy new year :)

  6. It's so funny watching them trying to figure out what they are. Whisper really didn't like looking in reflective surfaces so I like to think she was being all ninja kitty and trying to destroy them :p Thank you! Happy new year to you too xxx

  7. Ah yay, so glad you did this post in the end lovely! I loved reading it. Especially agree about Whip Your Hair!! xx

  8. Thank you :) Hehe once I hear it I can't stop singing it! xx