Thursday, 16 December 2010

Review: e.l.f. Mineral Lipstick in Ripe Rose

Morning :)

I think, I may have found my perfect red lippie. It's not too bright, it's not in your face in a "Omg she's wearing red lipstick" kind of way. It's understated. It's classic. It's kind of retro. I like it!


e.l.f. sayNow you can hydrate your lips and get a lasting soft colour naturally! This nourishing blend of exotic oils, natural waxes, vitamins and plant extracts create the perfect moisturising formula. The sleek lipstick has superior color payoff, glides easily onto lips, and is long wearing. Lips stay perfectly hydrated and soft throughout the day for no fuss, lip loving happiness. All our mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

I say: I think at some point, I will end up trying every single lipstick in the Mineral line. I absolutely love the ones I've tried so far, and I really cannot fault them. The pigmentation is fabulous, what you see is indeed what you get. They glide on the lips, are moisturising, and last for quite a while. I only have to touch up after eating. Overall, a bargain for the price.


e.l.f. sayApply to lips and blend in colour for lip hydration. Re-apply as often as desired.

I say: I apply this straight from the bullet and then clean up with concealer afterwards if necessary. The mineral lipsticks feel lovely when they're applied, and you get such a great colour pay off. I've found I on;y have to touch up after eating. Ripe Rose shows up as pink on the e.l.f. website. This is most definitely not the case. I Googled before I bought so I knew what I was getting. I know lipsticks vary person to person due to lip pigmentation, but it comes up as a kind of dirty red on my lips. I love to wear this with a neutral eye and some black liner for a classic look. I'll have to do an FOTD for you soon!

Price: £3.50
Size: 3.8g
Available from:

Product: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Repurchase: Yes

Have you tried Ripe Rose? What's your favourite red lipstick?

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  1. This looks just like what Im looking for! Ive been looking at these lipsticks on the website n think im def going to have to get some! xx

  2. I actually really like this from your swatches, wasnt keen on the look of it from the site. I have barely bitten and thats my fave atm :)

  3. Lovely colour and looks so creamy which I like in a lipstick. You have to be so careful with red dont you? There are so many different shades and tones to pick. This looks like a nice subtle one though, I don't think I could pull off Pillar box red though lol ;) x

  4. I ordered 4 lipsticks in total and while I loved the texture of Ripe Rose the most, it was a bit dark for me :S, so I passed it on. But the worst I got was Cool Coral - it was supposedly orange but turned out a bit chalky red with golden glitter. Best one for me was Rosy Raisin - perfect nude. :)
    I'm also quite happy with the lippies, but I use them more as lip balms - I cant get them to stay on my lips for more then an hour.

  5. Mybutterfly63 - I think they're definitely worth trying, but my advice is to check Google for swatches because the e.l.f. images tend to be a bit off sometimes :) xx

    Enigma - Thank you :) The site swatches are a bit off unfortunately. I nearly bought Barely Bitten, I might get that one next :) xx

    Sherrie - Yes you do, I think there's always the possibility of getting it wrong. Hehe I don't think I could pull off Pillar Box red either unfortunately! xx

    LiisK - Aww that's a shame. I have Cool Coral and mine's more copper than red. I love Rosy Raisin it's a lovely colour. Oh, have you tried using a lip primer? xx