Sunday, 19 December 2010

A spot of Sunday shopping

Hello snowflakes :)

The snow is back. Erm yay? Well, finally I've received all of the parcels I was waiting for. Want to see what was inside? Get comfy and take a peek!

Make Up Geek

I'm sure you've all heard of Marlena from Make Up Geek. If not, where on earth have you been? She's one of my favourite YouTubers. Back in November there was 20% off at the MUG store for Cyber Monday, so I took the opportunity to order a few bits and pieces!

Clockwise from left: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Boho Chic, Coastal Scents Gel Liner in Deep Plum, MAC Melon Pigment sample, MAC Vanilla Pigment sample, NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose, Black Ring

Swatch time!


For Black Friday back in November, Sigma offered free worldwide shipping - erm hello! I took the opportunity to make my first Sigma purchase and picked up a couple of brushes - the E35 Tapered Blending brush, and the L05 Lip Brush.

Do you have any Sigma brushes? Do you have any recommendations?


Remember the 50% sale back in November? Yes, the one that annoyed and vexed a lot of people. Well, a few days ago I finally received my order. I don't know whether I'd been forgotten about as a lot of other people had received their orders, but I had my shipping charge refunded and the parcel arrived by Recorded Delivery. A little bit amazed? Well frankly yes. What did I order?

L-R: Storm Palette, Hide It Concealer, New York Eye Dust set.

In the New York Eye Dust set from top L-R - L-R etc etc:
Innocence, Blue Lagoon, Eden, Scuba, Dirty, Hypnotic, Sunfest, Fantasy, Starry Eyed, Outrage

If you would like swatches for any of the Sleek products, drop me a comment and I'll get right on to it :)

Did you take advantage of any sales or offers recently?

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  1. I took advantage of Sigma's Black Friday free devlivery and bought myself the F82 which I'm loving right now! I did order from Sleek but apprently I'm not getting my order now.. really fudged off xx

  2. I actually love my Sigma brushes, I thought from what people were saying they would be a load of rubbish and I was very sceptical, now I use them sometimes in place of my mac ones!

  3. I would love to see swatches of the eye dusts! Also, I have been hankering after Nyx Tea Rose for a fair while now. I wonder how much longer it'll be before I cave? Heh :D

  4. What lovely goodies!
    The Mac creme blusher looks gorgeous. x

  5. I haven't done a good makeup haul in ages! Loving the look of the NYX blusher.

  6. great haul :)
    Melon pigment looks amazing!

  7. Isn't Melon one of the most stunning MAC pigments out there? Love it. That cream blush looks lovely, too :)

  8. Abbie - I might have to invest in some more Sigma brushes :) Oh no way? That's not fair :( xx

    Fei - Boho Chic is such a lovely colour, it gives a lovely healthy glow :) xx

    Sarah - That's why I only ordered a couple, but I'm really impressed! xx

    Konni - I shall get swatches up for you soon :) NYX Tea Rose is lovely, and it goes so well with Boho Chic blush :) xx

    Lily - Thanks :) xx

    Laura - Feels so good when you get lots of goodies at once doesn't it? Boho Chic is gorgeous! xx

    Abbie - Thanks :) Melon is STUNNING. I love it! xx

    Lily - It really is, I'm in love with it! Used it pretty much every day since it arrived! I shall definitely be getting the full sized one at some point. Boho Chic is gorgeous :) xx

  9. I love Sigma brushes, I only have the F80 but it's amazing, I really want to get a few more :) xx

  10. Oh no, I don't know what's happened to my Sleek order! ;(

  11. No way? That's ridiculous. Email the order email address and ask what's going on. That's what I did and I got my shipping refunded and it arrived a few days later xx

  12. have nyx tea rose too and the nyx blush looks gorgeous. I have it in orange :)

  13. Tea Rose is gorgeous isn't it? Boho Chic is lovely. Oo really? I wasn't sure what that would look like on so I didn't get it. Might have to Google for swatches xx

  14. Pssst, there's a coupon code that was floating around for Sigma brushes. It was to be 10% off using the coupon code "elle" ...crossing my fingers that it still works so you can order a few more goodies! xx

  15. Melon Pigment is on my xmas list as well as Rose :)

    Where was I when Stigma had free shipping! *Slaps face* Doh!!!

    I gave up with Sleek in the end! Glad to see you got lots of great Bargains!

    I mentioned you hun on my latest blog post :) xx

  16. Isn't Melon just the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? I'm definitely going to have to get some more pigment samples :D Thank you xx