Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Review: e.l.f. Studio Concealer Brush

Morning :)

Guess what I just found buried in my posts section? Another e.l.f. review!


e.l.f. sayThis new anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. studio brush! Creates even and full coverage. Applies and blends concealer smoothly and evenly to eyes, face, and blemishes. Use with any cream products, including concealer, foundation, primer, eye cream, or cream shadow.

I say: I wouldn't say that this brush is absorbent. With it being synthetic, it's not going to be absorbent anyway which is going to be a good thing - you don't want half your product being absorbed. I wouldn't say this is the best concealer brush I've ever used. It's stiff, and isn't brilliant at blending. Good for cream products but not for liquid or powder.


e.l.f. sayDip brush in concealer and apply to targeted areas of the skin. Use soft short strokes to blend in.

I say: I've found that as this brush is rather stiff, it's fairly hard to use with liquid concealer - it just doesn't blend all that well. However, if you use it with a creamy based concealer (I use No 7's Quick Cover) it works pretty well. I tend to do my foundation, use liquid concealer, powder, then go back in with a creamy based concealer for final touch ups.

Price: £3.50
Available from: www.eyeslipsface.co.uk

Product: 6/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 8/10
Repurchase: Probably not

Sadly, this brush isn't for me. Do you have any perfect concealer brushes to recommend?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm currently using the concealer brush from ELF's basic line and I'd say it's pretty similar to this one. I need to re-purchase as its looking slightly worse for wear so I think I'll save my pennies and stick to the £1.50 brush and it doesn't sound like the Studio one is very different.

    I've heard that Mac's concealer brush is good although I could never spend that much myself on a make-up brush...


  2. I was recommended the MAC 224 for blending out concealer, but MAC is always pricey.. lol :)

  3. The no7 concealer brush is pretty good, may be worth a try the next time the vouchers are around x

  4. I quite like this brush for cream concealers, powders not so much. I prefer this one though to the standard line concealer brush.

  5. Lily - You're welcome :) I haven't tried the basic one but I might next time I order. Eek I know, I don't think I could justify that either xx

    MakeYuUp - I've heard that's a good concealer brush, I might try and find a dupe! xx

    Fudgesmoothiesmakeup - Oo I haven't tried No 7 brushes but I'll check it out next time the vouchers are back xx

    Enigma - Same here. Oo interesting :) xx