Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bit of a Boots haul!!

Hi there flowers :)

Whilst I was in Birmingham on Friday, I decided I'd nip into Boots and pick up lots of Soap & Glory items whilst they were on offer. My friends had the same idea. Well, the going shopping bit haha. Anywho, off we trotted to the Bullring.

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We had a good look around, and as we were heading towards New Look, we saw a Hallmark stand and there was Phil Tuffnell!! He gave us his trademark cheeky smile :D After we'd mooched around New Look, Sarah and Louise went out to take photos of him! I wish I'd asked him for his autograph now... that would have made my Mum's birthday yesterday!

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On my quest to find Boots, I was more than disheartened when I stumbled across it in the Bullring. I saw no Soap & Glory products at all >.< I was told however, there was a huge Boots elsewhere, so the hunt continued...

When we all got the lunchtime munchies, we went in search for food that was a) cheap, b) suitable for vegetarians and c) contained no mayonnaise. We ended up in a lovely little baguette shop in between the two sides of the Bullring - I don't recall it's name but it had a bright orange sign, and decking outside with umbrellas. It's dead speedy service in there too! They solved my quest for lunch sans mayo! <3 Definitely recommend it :) It got the thumbs up from veggie Lucy too! They also do student discount but we all forgot to produce our NUS cards. Fools. Saying that, lunch only cost £2.95. Bargain!

As we left we saw this cute little guy
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Then, FINALLY, I found the big Boots. Wahoo!! Until I walked in, saw a stand with Soap & Glory but sans offer. Erm wut?! I went off in detective mode, and was happy to find a huge Soap & Glory stand avec offer at the back of the store. I picked up Flake Away, Glad Pits & Girligo. We had to dash back to New Street station for our train. We got there with 8 minutes to spare, so I ran down to the small Boots there, and jumped with glee when I found the other two items I wanted - Clean On Me and Hand Food - which didn't cost me a penny thanks to all the points I had racked up on my Boots card. Win! I legged it to the train with about a minute to spare, and eventually made it home 3 hours later *sigh* The things we do in the name of skin care eh? Ah well, I treated myself to a Soap & Glory pampering fest when my little tootsies finally made it home!

Yesterday, we nipped into town and I dashed into Boots as I'd forgotten to pick up a little something on Friday - Hair Supply. I've been trying to find a decent conditioning hair mask for aggggges. One sniff of this and I was sold - it smells just like Flake Away :D It can be used every day as a normal conditioner, or as a weekly treatment. Yay!

My haul items

Look at my S&G stash! That's not even all of it!
There are 6 other items lurking around my room/the bathroom! Eek haha!

Look at this little fella. Or lady, as you wish. 
It's pink, so we'll go with a lady yes?
I was given this by a lovely member of the Graduate Advantage team at the National Graduate Recruitment Fair on Friday at the LG Arena, NEC.

I feel she needs a name. If you have any ideas, let me know :) Best name wins. Erm and the prize will be... my ever lasting love ;P What say ye?

I was thinking of naming her, and popping her on the sidebar. Yay or nay? Or do you think I'm a completely ridiculous fool haha?

Have you taken advantage of the 1/3 off offer in Boots at the moment? Picked up anything you recommend? Let me know :) I love to try new products!

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  1. The 3 for 2 ACROSS ranges is a bl00dy good idea.
    Your pink frog? Gloriana.

  2. can you review Hair Supply when you have used it?? I've tried it twice and wasn't overly impressed but not sure if that was just my tempermental hair so would be interested to get your impressions!

  3. Ooh i love Soap and Glory Products!! x

  4. Great post, I feel like you and me should buy (or maybe even be given) shares in S&G I think I have almost all their stuff too! Loved this post and definately give the frog a name and pop her/him in your sidebar! So cute! xxx

  5. jaljen - Hehe it is! I always take advantage of the offer when it's on :) Oo what a good name :D xx

    Just_a_girl - I sure can :) I used it for the first time this morning, so I'll keep using it and I'll post a review soon xx

    Sadie - Me too :D xx

    May - Thanks :) Hahaha yes me too! Absolutely love them. Hehe I will do! xxx

  6. May and Kim - I have an awful lot of S&G stuff too... It's taking over a significant amount of my ensuite!! :/ Chesk out my stash:

    The rest of the ensuite is taken over with Lush stuff!! :)

    Love both of your blogs so if ye do take a look at mine any advice is appreciated!!

  7. wow it looks amazing here! super jelous I want to go shop there :D I have no idea who phill tuffenel is but yeah sounds good :) amazing goodies ! Ive just found your blog I love it :) x


  8. Nicola - The Bullring is a pretty good place for shopping :) He's a sportsman. Cricketer I think? Aww thanks :) xx