Wednesday, 30 June 2010

June Snapshot

Hello lovely ladies :)

Can you believe we're halfway through the year now? Scary!

Listening to... Lady Gaga <3
Reading... Glamour
Watching... well not much this month. TV is of somewhat terrible quality. It's all sport, sport, sport. Go away already. The only great thing I've seen this month is the season finale of Glee <3
Buying... Soap & Glory items, Glamour mag(s)
Wanting... money and a holiday. Oh and Mr Perfect would be quite nice too.
Trying... new cosmetics items I wouldn't normally have tried - hello Revlon ColorStay/PhotoReady & Benefit Eye Bright!
Loving... having nothing to do although it is rather boring
Planning... Graduation
Making... muffins and scones :)
Writing... in my journal more. God knows, it helps!
Cooking... muffins. But I already mentioned this haha
Inspired by... other bloggers :)

How has June been for you?

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  1. oo I love these little snapshots, I always find them an interesting and nosy read! Do you mind if I do one?

  2. Hehe glad you like them!! Of course not, knock yourself out :) xx