Friday, 11 June 2010

Review: GOSH Light Weight Duo Fibre Brush

Hi pumpkins

A few girls on Twitter suggested that the best way to apply Revlon ColorStay is to use a flat topped brush or a duo fibre brush. I nearly bought the Studio flat top powder brush from e.l.f. but forgot to put it in my basket before I confirmed my order. *Sigh* I popped into town last Friday and wandered into Superdrug as I needed some bits and bobs. Of course when I saw GOSH was on a 3 for 2 promotion, I couldn't resist. I ended up buying this brush. Even though it was £12... Gahhhh. And surprise, surprise, e.l.f. are just about to have another free shipping deal. Sometimes I really question my stupidity but there you go. Anywho, I'm quite glad I got this brush as it really is rather fab. I just wish it was a tad cheaper.


Image Credit: GOSH

GOSH say: Ideal for highlighting. 50% natural, 50% synthetic.

I say: Pish posh. I bought this for foundation application! It's a flat topped brush, so ideal for foundation. It picks up quite a bit of product so its worth having a play with in order to perfect your application of foundation. I've found that this is absolutely great and gives a perfect finish. My previous e.l.f. brush has been consigned back to the brush holder! The GOSH brush comes with a handy plastic protector around the bristles, and the brush comes in the trademark GOSH packaging, which I love. At least I can get the brushes out. Take note e.l.f.!


GOSH say: It can be used for powder, blusher or foundation to create a smooth and natural look.

I say: Aha, see, it can be used for foundation :D When I first used this, I was surprised by the amount of shedding that occured. Eek. But that aside, it applied my foundation perfectly, evenly distributing it across my face to give me a really natural finish. Absolutely love it. I've also used this to apply powder afterwards and again, a huge thumbs up. Definitely worth every penny.

Price: £12.00 (Currently 3 for 2 in Superdrug)
Size: HUGE. Seriously.
Available from: Superdrug stores that sell GOSH which I think is the majority of them these days

Product: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Repurchase: When the time comes yes. Although hopefully by then I can upgrade to MAC haha.

Have you got the GOSH duo fibre brush? What do you think? How do you apply your foundation? Let me know :)

Please note, this is a scheduled post as I'm away at a graduate recruitment fair in Birmingham all day. I will read your comments when I get home tonight :) So I'm not ignoring you, promise!! xx

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  1. Oh when are e.l.f having free delivery?
    Hope you enjoyed the graduate fair

  2. I got this a few months ago and the shedding on mine was soooo bad, i just threw it in with my other brushes!
    I started using it agian last week though, and after lots of washes the sheddings pretty much stopped :)

  3. I have it and I must admit - I don't like it... it sheds like crazy, it's not fluffy anymore (bristles gathered into little spikes if that makes any sense), it "eats" too much product. I use it sometimes for blending blushes (if I happen to apply it a little bit too heavily). Overall, I wasted 17 EUR. :( Again. lol

  4. I have this brush and it would shred a lot when i used ti plus i couldnt quite get the hang of stippling my foundation so gave up. I will often use it to apply blush though as its nice to gently blend with as the bristles are quite fine you get a very soft colour finish

  5. Laura - I wrote this post at the beginning of the week, and they had free delivery up until Wednesday night. No doubt it'll be happening again soon though :) Thanks, I did xx

    R May A - Oo good. Mine needs a wash actually haha xx

    HeavenNRJ - Yeah mine does that too! I think it gives a great finish so I'm going to wash it and try again :) xx

    Gemma - I'm not sure if I've got it right either, but I move the brush in circular motions on my face to buff the colour in, and I get a lovely finish :) I also use it for buffing in a little powder to set my foundation. I bet it'd be good at blending blush - I'll have to give it a go when I use Coralista cos I always get that wrong :) xx