Monday, 28 June 2010

Review: Veet Ready To Use Hair Removal Wax Strips


In the aim to defuzz for summer, I saw these on offer in Superdrug a while back so thought I'd try them. Really wish I hadn't wasted my money!! I'm sorry, but Veet, you totally suck. Do I even need to write this review now haha?

Veet Mini Strips For Face
Image Credit: Superdrug

Veet say: Veet's small wax strips are great for targeting those hard-to-reach areas of your face as well as touch-ups around the body. Our strips are designed for hair as short as 2mm, so you never have to wait for your hair to get "long enough" to wax. Just wax and go.

I say: Oh I'm sorry Veet, but did you bother to even test these before marketing? They're not great for hard-to-reach areas at all. The wax strips are rectangular. My top lip is not rectangular. So you have to cut these up to use them. *Sigh* They also don't appear to work on short hair. And saying you can "wax and go" is a load of rubbish. Sorry, but this girl is not impressed. There is one positive. They smell nice. But that's somewhat beside the point methinks.


Veet say: Just smooth a strip onto your skin, remove with one swift movement and sweep over a Perfect Finish Wipe to remove any traces of wax residue. No preparation time - the wax strips are ready to use. Ideal for removing hair from bikini line and facial areas, leaving you smooth and hair free for up to 4 weeks.

I say: These wax strips come with an instruction booklet to tell you how to use them properly. They instruct that you have to rub the wax strips between your hands for 5 seconds to warm them up. Ok. Easy enough. But have you tried peeling them apart with the rubbishy paper they're attached to? Some of them were virtually impossible. And by the time you had, the wax was no longer warm. Fail. It then tells you to smooth onto the skin and massage in the direction of hair growth. Then you have to remove with one swift movement. Now I have to say, this isn't as painful as I'd expected. And the quicker you do it, the better. It's like the old adage about a band-aid. If, by any miracle, the wax has worked, you'll see. But there's also a lot of sticky residue left on your skin. Once you've done the entire area, you're supposed to use a Perfect Finish wipe to remove this residue. These have to be the most ridiculously oily wipes I've seen in my life. They feel horrible. And the fact that they only include 4 is annoying. There are 20 wax strips... Veet advise you to use baby oil in order to remove residue when you run out of wipes. So, essentially, you have to go and buy this if you don't have any in. I bought a small bottle that cost me just over £1.00 in Boots. Ok, so once you've removed the residue and washed the oil off, you should have perfectly smooth, hairless skin right? Wrong. It worked in some areas and not others. Great. And you can't go back in with another wax strip to try again because it won't adhere to the skin. Brilliant. Oh and just so you know, the effects do not last for 4 weeks. I'd say 1 week, tops. Absolute fail.

Price: £4.99 in Boots, £3.97 in Superdrug
Size: 20 wax strips + 4 Perfect Finish wipes - Erm do the math, Veet, this is an incorrect amount of wipes!!
Available from: Boots, Superdrug

Product: 2/10
Price: 7/10
Packaging: 7/10
Overall: 5/10
Repurchase: Absolutely not.

Have you had better luck with these? Or do you have any better recommendations?

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  1. Haha you poor thing! I did enjoy reading this post though! I really love Veet's hair removal cream, I know loads of people don't get on with it but I absolutely love it!

  2. I tried these a few years ago and I was so disappointed. Veet claims you can re-use the strips several times, but it didn't even remove all the hair the first time, and then of course it didn't even stick to my skin. I ended up using the entire packet before giving up and shaving. Definitely not worth buying! x

  3. I've tried these before and i agree with everything you said - complete fail.

  4. I use these to get rid of Mr Tash and while I don't find them hard to get apart, cutting them up is a faff as is getting the sticky cack off! Not to mention I always seem to be left with hair in the cupids bow, not attractive!

  5. May - Thanks :) I bought some of that but I found out I'm allergic to it. Fail :( xx

    Fei - Re-use hahaha as if!! Total waste of money xx

    R May A - Aww such a shame :( xx

    Stephanie - Yes me too! Cutting them up is such a pain, but a necessary evil. Yeah I found that too. Rubbish :( xx

  6. I use Sally Hansen Washable Cold Wax Hair Remover Kit. Its like the wax used in salons, but no need for a wax warmer.

    Great for removing unwanted hairs, and very easy to use.

  7. Thanks I'll check it out :) xx

  8. darn good review kimmypops! <3 ^__~ i gotta say, i used to faff around and cry at how shit these were for me, but STILL BLOODY BUY THEM ( i know.. i know!) ¬_¬ but i got recommended NAIR's easy microwave wax - best thing ever! You don't need wax strips, it just cools down enough so you can pull the wax off quickly. AMAZOR!! i fancy doing a blog review about it..!

  9. Thanks :D I wanted to get Nair but couldn't find it in the shelf haha. I will hunt it down and try it :D Yessss do it!! xx