Saturday, 12 June 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hello poppets :)

Eek I forgot to do this post for this morning haha. And I'm usually so organized! I blame my ridiculously early start yesterday, making me tired and forgetting to do such tasks last night. Anywho, without further ado...

* The sun
* Being home from uni forever :O
* Seeing friends in Birmingham
* Mum buying Ben & Jerrys xD
* Soap & Glory
* Chips in a cone!
* Cheesey tortilla chips
* BBQ season!!

* Sainsbury's cupcakes - all kinds of yuck
* Other people getting in my way whilst grocery shopping
* The man at the CarPhoneWarehouse treating me like a dumb blonde. Oi I have a degree. I bet you don't. Except maybe a degree in being patronizing ¬_¬
* Hearing about the World Cup - I could not care less.
* Royal Mail - I paid you to deliver my packages. The least you could do is actually deliver them within the 3 working days you specified.

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  1. With you on the cupcakes. Eurgh.

  2. Chips in a cone, eaten with a wooden chip fork outside ar the yummiest chips in the world, fact. :)

  3. Bicky - Haha :) xx

    Roz - Yessss <3 Exactly. Covered in salt & vinegar. Nommy xx

  4. Patronising people are the most annoying thing ever :p
    & the royal mail -sigh- I've given up with them!

  5. R May A - Ha tell me about it! I think he assumed because I was female, I didn't have a clue about technology. Macho fool. As for Royal Mail, well, I'd have better luck giving my correspondence to pigeons! xx