Wednesday, 23 June 2010

SmART Nails!!

Hello kids :)

I was lucky enough recently to be crowned the winner of Leanne's SmART nails giveaway. I was so pleased to have won, as I thought the concept behind SmART nails was flipping fantastic!!

Basically, SmART Nails have created a system of nail art whereby you paint your nails, attach a stencil, paint over it, remove the stencil, and ta da! You have beautifully stenciled nails.

Check out these gorgeous examples:

Image Credit: SmART Nails

A few days ago an envelope landed on my doormat. It wasn't until I saw the logo that I realised what it was. "That can't be right", I thought. Until I opened it and saw the genius packaging!

I was lucky enough to receive 10 different designs that I got to choose :D

Even comes with instructions :D

I can't wait to start using these! You can expect a full review and a few NOTDs featuring SmART Nails in the near future :D

Thanks once again to Leanne :D

If you're interested in finding out more, you can check out the website, complete with catalogue and tutorials.

Have you tried SmART Nails before? Would you in the future? Let me know :)

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  1. these sound really interesting - I might look into these :)

  2. Yaaay I can't wait to see some NOTDs :D glad they eventually got there! xo

  3. I can't wait to see what you come up with using those babies! They look fantastic! xxx

  4. After reading your post i just did a order too ;-)....Hope they come really soon xx

  5. R May A - It looks like the hassle free way to design nails :D xx

    Leanne - I'll do some next week methinks :) xx

    May - They do don't they? xx

    Jo - Hehe yay! I think these took about 7 working days ish? Can't wait to see which ones you ordered :) xx

  6. These look great! I've never tried them but they seem like such a simple way to jazz up your nails! Looking forward to a NOTD by you using them xx

  7. Thanks :) I'll try and get one up next week xx