Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Lace Effect Nails

Hi kids :)

Can you believe my nails were polish-less for 7 days up until Sunday? No, me either. I think I lost my nail art mojo :( Anywho, I was scouring YouTube for some ideas and I came across this design by Love4Nails. At the moment my nails are relatively short, so I wasn't convinced that it'd work/look right. I didn't attempt to recreate the full design, I did my own little twist on it. I think it worked.

Products used
Rimmel Wear Maxx Nail Polish in Baby Pink
Nails Inc London Nights
GOSH Holographic
George @ Asda Nail Polish in White
Collection 2000 Sparkle Topcoat
Dotting Tools

I'm not so sure about the sparkle top coat. What do you think?

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  1. This is lovely, you have such a steady hand! I like the sparkle top coat, but maybe just a clearly shiny one would be nice too? Saying that, lace is matte anyway haha hxx

  2. AHH I LOVE :D this is so gorgeous. I love Love4Nails, she's brilliant. The sparkle topcoat doesn't look bad, sometimes it just doesn't look right with some desgisns! I bet this would look awesome with a mate topcoat. :D

  3. Beautiful! Did you do it free hand? It's lovely! xxx

  4. Hey, just been catching up with your posts from the last week. Congratulations on your degree!

  5. Heather - Thanks :) I should have done a normal top coat I think. Matte would have looked amazing but I still don't own a matte topcoat haha xx

    Leanne - Thanks :) She has some great vids. Yeah I know what you mean. Definitely need to invest in a matte topcoat. I hope No 7 hurry up and launch theirs :) xx

    May - Thank you :) I did indeed! xx

    Laura - Thank you :) xx