Saturday, 5 June 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hiiii cupcakes :)

Ah what a week. Busy busy but overall pretty darn good :D

* The sun is back!!
* Woodstoke 3 at Keele
* Tipsy time on the dodgems
* Seeing Example live at Keele! He was amazing!!
* Having an overall top night out although a little bit disappointed it cost £25...
* Twitter
* Going home a whole week earlier than planned! Win!

I think he looks like he's related to Nick Knowles ;P

* Thinking we were gonna die on Twister haha!
* How much money I've spent =\
* How much money eBay sees fit to rob me of ¬_¬
* Men - where do they get off, seriously?

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  1. Being related to Nick Knowles isn't a good thing in my book....