Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Watch the sun come up

Hello flowers :)

Last Wednesday at uni was the last huge event of the year - the summer party aka Woodstoke 3 (Cos Keele's near Stoke, geddit?) This year, we had a 12 hour party. Yes 12 hours of alcohol, BBQ food, candyfloss, oversized cuddly toys, neon face paint, DJs, bands and drunken fun on the fairground. We arrived fashionably late (approximately 3 and a half hours late haha) so we missed out on all of the free stuff. However we had arrived in time to see the bands and artists that we wanted to see. I thought I'd share some photos with you with a sneaky FOTN chucked in too :)

First main act of the night

Second main act of the night - and the best IMO!

We missed Matthew Horne's DJ set :( Although we did see him in the ballroom!

Third main act of the night - and quite possibly the worst
Note: Do not swear all the way through your time on stage... it's not attractive.

The final main act of the night - not impressed.

Overall it was a pretty good night. We had some tipsy dodgem driving going on and then for some obscure reason, we decided to go on Twister. This, we discovered approximately 30 seconds into the ride, was not a good idea. We thought we were going to die/lose our heads/choke/get squished to death haha!


This was my FOTN

I totally need a new camera. It washed out all the colour. Basically I went for a bronzed look - it was a summer party after all!

I took loads of videos, but the sound quality is atrocious, despite me being very close to the stage. Fail  >.< If anyone knows how the sound could be cleaned up, I'd love to know :)

I'll leave you with this from Example:

"Hey, good morning

Watch the sun come up

It’s calling

I want another day with you"

Thanks to Keele and the Ents team for making my last event at uni a good one!

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