Monday, 12 July 2010

Day Nine: A photo that I took

Hello everyone :)

Day 9 of the 30 days tag involves me sharing with you lovelies a photo that I took. 

Jackie In The Box
Image Credit: WeHeartIt

I went through my extensive photo archives (har har) and I found this beauty. I didn't think I had this anymore. I'm so glad I do because I think it's a rather beautiful photo. Believe it or not this was taken on my phone a few years ago in Tywyn, Wales.

I love the way the sun appears to streak across the sky :)

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  1. That's really beautiful, particularly since it's a phone photo!

  2. Thanks :) It was a Sony Ericsson K800i with Cybershot camera so that's probably why it was good :) xx

  3. What a great shot! Love the sunlight on the sea, beautiful! So more tips about accessories! hmm, sounds like a challenge! And I can capsule my remixes at the end of the challenge I suppose. Good suggestions! Thanks

    Daisy Dayz Home

  4. Thanks :) Doesn't it look great? You're welcome :) xx