Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dottie K's Blogiversary!!

Hello cupcakes :)

I was just perusing the old blog the other night and realised that as of today I have been blogging for a whole year. Crazy eh? The time has flown so quickly!! 247 blog posts later, and here we are! It's been a fab year and I've enjoyed interacting with all of you wonderful readers and followers. It's been great getting to know you :) Here's to another year in the blogosphere :D

Have a cupcake!!

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  1. Happy blog birthday :) xx

  2. Yaaay happy Dottieday! :D
    You KNOW I am basically your biggest fan therefore I get to name the occasion. ;P

  3. Olivia - Thank you :) xx

    Onna - Thank you!! xx

    Leanne - Hehe thank you :D I like it!! xx

    Laura - Thank you xx

    Hannah - Thank you xx

  4. Aww happy blog birthday :) xo