Saturday, 3 July 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hi lovelies :)

What a scorcher of a week! Here's what I've been loving & loathing over the past 7 days:

* Lush weather
* Water - I'm drinking it like it's going out of fashion haha!
* Getting my hair done - finally decided to go for the chop!!
* Selling stuff
* Generous relatives
* Getting congratulations cards from relatives
* Compliments
* Making my first MAC order!
* Free shipping at e.l.f. - told you I can't resist an offer haha!

* Sunburn
* Shopping in unbearable heat
* Not being able to find anything to wear for graduation
* Spineless people

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  1. I agree, cant stand shopping in heat!! : xx

  2. Its so hard to choose what to wear for graduation. I wore a black skirt and white shirt for my last one, but my nursing one will be in december next year, and its being winter is going to make it harder. I think a black dress is always a winner, but shirts are good as you can clip the hood round a button. Thats what safety pins are for though, so a dress would be fine!
    Anna x

  3. Hannah - Just takes the enjoyment out of it :( xx

    Anna - I'm contemplating wearing my cream dress with black flowers on it and taking some safety pins hehe xx