Saturday, 3 July 2010

Day Three: Favourite TV programme

Hello jellytots :)

On day three of your journey into my mind (muahahahaha!), I shall reveal my favourite TV programme. 

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I've picked something current that I've loved from episode one, and continue to love. Rules all of the English programmes out then ;P

So, across the pond we hop. I'm fond of a few US series but this one has to be the best by far

*Drum roll please*

Ta da! 

Grey's Anatomy <3

Image Credit: Grey's Anatomy Wiki

This show has gone from strength to strength each season
Season 5 was definitely my favourite season
But that of course had nothing to do with the introduction of Dr. Owen "McBadass/McArmy" Hunt

Owen Hunt
Image Credit: Grey's Anatomy Wiki

One word: PHWOAR.

If you don't believe me, you need to check this vid out:

Excuse me while I fan myself and daydream!

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  1. Iv never seenGrey's Anatomy, but after watching that i may have to ;) x

  2. Hehe you need this TV show in your life :D It's amazing! xx

  3. Ive never gotten into greys anatomy but I might try it out one of these days.

    Daisy Dayz Home

  4. It's sooo good though :D xx