Friday, 9 July 2010

Day Six: Whatever tickles your fancy

Hi de hi

I know I've lapsed with this tag, I forgot to schedule one for Tuesday and then I was uber busy and then I had graduation. I've been a busy bee!! I'm back and I'm free, so let the tagging commence :D

Day 6 is a chance for me to post whatever tickles my fancy

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I decided that this tag would do perfectly for today :D

The lovely Charlotte over at Forever Glitter tagged me to answer 8 questions. This is a bit different from other tags because the person who tags you has to come up with 8 different questions for you to answer, then you think of another 8 questions for the people that you tag. Variety is the spice of life eh?

Here we go:

1. What made you get into blogging?
I wanted to share my love for make up and nail polish with the blogosphere :) I also wanted to review products because before I found the whole blogging scene, I never knew whether a product was worth buying, so I'd buy it and end up not liking it. But this way I can share my opinions with others, and gain lots of information from other blogs :D Never has there been another wasteful purchase in my life. Oh ok, not many anyway ;P

2. What is your favourite quote?

3. If you could have any superpower, what would you have, and why?
The ability to fly :D Saves on travel eh?

4. What is your favourite holiday destination?
Austria :)

5. If you could only use one make up product for the rest of your life what would you use?
Revlon ColorStay Foundation

6. How did you come up with your username?
Dottie K came about from a fellow blogger who shortened 'pinkpoppolkadot' to Dottie. I added the K from my name :)

7. What is your dream career?
I wish I knew! I think I'd quite like a job in the media - maybe journalism for a magazine or something. I'm so indecisive at the moment, it's ridiculous!

8. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
I am ridiculously perceptive and can read people like books

I hope you enjoyed that little snippet from me!

Now time for my 8 questions for you :)

1. What's one thing that you really love about blogging?
2. What's your favourite high street make up item?
3. Name one thing that's on your beauty wish list at the moment?
4. Do you have a favourite nail polish brand, and if so, which one?
5. What's your favourite perfume?
6. You have £1000 to spend - high street fashion splurge, or one designer item?
7. Do you have a favourite high end make up brand?
8. What's your favourite non beauty related item?

I tag:

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  1. Thanks for the tag!
    I have answered the questions and passed on!

    Anna x


  2. No worries :) I tried to comment on your blog but Blogger kept giving me an error! xx

  3. Oh i love that quote!
    I've never even heard of it before :)

  4. It's cute isn't it? :) xx

  5. Thank you for tagging me, I will get round to doing this soon. I promise :)

    Great questions btw :)

  6. You're welcome :) I look forward to reading your answers! Thanks xx