Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day Seventeen: An art piece

Hiya :)

The next part of the 30 Days tag requires me to share with you an art piece. 

Image Credit: Google Images

Whilst I've always appreciated art, I've never been an art buff. I may have fancied myself as a budding Picasso in the early noughties thanks to some crazed idea by our Year 9 art teacher but it didn't turn into anything. 

Incidentally, during this art phase, we had to get into groups and recreate an image by a famous artist. We chose the following:

Picasso - Le Fauteuil Rouge (Woman In The Red Chair)
Image Credit: Google Images

It took us absolutely ages. I don't even think it got finished in the end which was a real shame as I thought it was pretty darn good and we were so proud of it. We'd decided to put our own twist on it and whilst we replicated as best we could the actual painting, colour wise we chose to use pinks, purples and blues. It looked SO good. It was supposed to get hung on display but I haven't a clue what happened to it :(

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