Wednesday, 14 July 2010

e.l.f. order

Hiya :)

Finally, finally, finally, my e.l.f. order arrived yesteday afternoon. This was the order I made on July 2nd. And it arrived on the 13th. That's pretty poor in my book. Although I have to say I don't think it was e.l.f.'s fault. They were uber busy with the 50,000 likes Facebook promotion that ran a couple of weekend's ago. I got my dispatch confirmation at stupid o'clock on the 7th. So I can only assume that this was down to ROYAL FAIL and their inability to deliver 1st class packages quickly. Get your act together!!! *Counts to ten* Ok rant over folks :D

Ok, now on to the order! Here it is:

You wouldn't think I took this photo in daylight... stupid camera!!!

What did I buy?
Daily Brush Cleanser
Mineral Infused Face Primer
Studio Cream Eyeliner in Midnight
Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral

I also ordered two lip stains (Pink Lemonade and Baby Lips) for Maxi which are pictured above. As I ordered during a Facebook promotion, I got 3 lipglosses free. Two of which I already have. *Sigh*

I'll get some swatches of Cool Coral and Midnight and reviews of the cleanser and primer up soon :)

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  1. I was thinking of getting the face primer but I haven't heard if it's okay - Could you do a review? :)

  2. Nice order Kim!! :) I got some stuff too hehehe!! :)


  3. Chloe - It's brilliant! I'll do a review shortly :) xx

    Stavroula - Thanks :) Hehe I can never resist free shipping! xx