Friday, 2 July 2010

Day Two: Favourite Movie

Hello flowers :)

The next part of the 30 days tag involves sharing with my favourite movie. I wish I could remember the log in for my Flixster account haha.

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After much deliberating, I managed to decide between my uber faves which were:

♥ Bridget Jones' Diary
♥ The Notebook
♥ Pretty Woman
♥ Dirty Dancing
♥ An Officer & A Gentleman
♥ The Wedding Date

The winner:

Pretty Woman

I have lost count of the amount of times I've seen this film! Love it so much :)
I'm a sucker for a good romance!

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  1. I love that Pretty Woman scene so much! Now all I need is someone to spend that much money on me and a bitchy shop keeper to stick it to lmao

  2. the best bit in the movie is where vivian goes back to the store who refused to serve her and is flashing all the bags she has bought stuff from i just love that :)

  3. Stephanie - Isn't it the best? Haha yes me too. I'd quite like my own handsome, rich businessman to take me shopping in Beverly Hills! One day eh? xx

    Jodie - Yess that's on the end of this video - absolutely hilarious! xx

  4. I love pretty women too! xD x

  5. Isn't it just the best film? :D xx