Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day Twenty Four: Whatever tickles your fancy

Hello my little possums!

The next part of the 30 Days tag is another random post on a random subject. 

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I'm running out of ideas!! However, when I realised what day it was, I knew exactly what I could post about!!

Right about now, my friend Ruth and I will be being spoiled rotten in the Absolut Ice Bar in London!

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Ruth was lucky enough to win £100 to spend in the Ice Bar and the Below Zero Restaurant. So we're donning our posh frocks, digging out our lovely clutch bags and heading for an evening of vodka, dinner and cocktails a plenty. Squiffy? In the words of Michael McIntyre, we'll be absolutely car parked my loves!!

Have a good evening!!

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  1. Ahh whattt an experience that'll be! Have a lovely time! You must try their Raspberry Vodka and lemonade :) xxxx

  2. I love Michael McIntyre! Hope you have a great evening, sounds fab!

    Tagged you on my blog (aarrgh, just realised I've been leaving comments on people's blogs about having tagged them.. when it's a post scheduled for Saturday.. Oops!) xx

  3. Michelle - Thank you :) It was such a brilliant night! I didn't have that but I did have some uber amazing cocktails. All shall be revealed :D xx

    Rachel - Hehe me too! We had a really lovely evening thanks :) Thanks for the tag! xx