Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My current face routine

Hi kids :)

I saw Nicola's post on this and realised I haven't done such a thing, and probably should. So I thought I'd share with you how I do my face, especially now that I've found my HG face routine!

I'm not brave enough to show you my before and after pics haha. You'll probably fall off your seats in shock and be caused an injury, so I'll spare you ;)

~*~ My make up routine ~*~

1. Prime using GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer (£13 available in Superdrug)

The next step depends on whether I'm having a good or bad skin day:
2) Using my GOSH Duo Fibre brush (£12 available in Superdrug), I'll apply Revlon ColorStay (for a bad skin day, £11.99 available in Boots & Superdrug) or Revlon PhotoReady (for a good skin day, £12.99 available in Boots & Superdrug). However if I'm going to be within an inch of a camera I'll mix the two together (two parts ColorStay, one part PhotoReady)

3) Conceal any blemishes using GOSH Touch Up Concealer (£7 available in Superdrug) with an Avon concealer brush (I think it was a foundation brush but it's teeny haha! Also think this has been discontinued)

4) Conceal my under eye area using e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter (£3.50 available from eyeslipsface.co.uk)

5) Apply blush with Avon's angled blusher brush (think this has been discontinued which is disappointing!)

6) If I've used ColorStay I will set my face with NYC translucent powder (£2.59 available from Superdrug). If I've used PhotoReady, I've found that I don't need to use a powder to set.

And that's pretty much it :)

I really recommend all of the above products. My face has never looked so flawless and trust me, it's far from flawless without!!

If you buy all of the above items in Superdrug, and you're still a student or soon-to-be-graduate (keep your eye out for the new NUS graduate discount card - valid for 2 years!!) you'll get student discount so this won't hurt your bank balance quite as much!

Now that I've shown you my face routine, why don't you tell me yours? Got any fab tips or amazing HG products to rave about? Let me know :)

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  1. Try Skinfood Mushroom BB cream (for oily skin)or any skinfood BB cream, it works wonders and makes my face fresh looking all day. :)


  2. I am going to try that NYC powder. I bought quite a few of their things whilst in the US (for about half the price!) and I think they are pretty good!

    I really rate cornsilk pressed powder. I also love Revlon colorstay, just as good as Mac I reckon. My HG foundation is Collection 2000 lasting perfection.. AMAZING stuff for the price!

    Nice post ;-)

  3. *flicks open Avon booklet to double check in case of leaving a faily comment* I don't think the angled blusher brush as been discontinued hun, it's called 'Angled Brush' and I think it's the same one you've got! Hurrah! :D xxx

  4. I really want to try the ELF concealer and highlighter which is first on my list after my spending ban :D Saying that when I was out I dropped my foundation and it smashed everywhere so I'm definitely going to have to buy a new foundation now, I feel colorstay is the way to go! Thanks for the mention m'love <3 x

  5. Great post.
    Is the coverage of the elf under eye concealer very strong? I am looking for an alternative to benefit erase paste.
    Lots of love Lucy

  6. great post,
    how strong is the coverage of elf under eye concealer? I am looking for a cheaper alternative to benefit erase paste
    love Lucy

  7. Raech - Thanks for the recommendation :) xx

    Kat - It is pretty good stuff :) Ha typical, they always get a better deal across the pond!! Oo righty I'll keep an eye out for it :) I've not tried Collection 2000 foundation although I might have to! Thanks xx

    May - Haaaa thank youu I meant to check and forgot lol xxx

    Nic - Hehe bless, I can never stick to spending bans! Oh no! You poor thing! No worries xx

    Lucy - Thank you :) I wouldn't say it gives full coverage but that's just on me. It might be different for you :) xx

  8. Lucy & Kim - I've also tried the ELF concealer palette and it doesn't do anything on my under eye. Doesn't have any coverage at all.


  9. Oh I tried that too and it didn't do anything for me whatsoever either xx