Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day One: Favourite Song

Hello cupcakes :)

So, as part of the 30 days tag, today involves sharing with you my favourite song. Sooooo many to choose from!! I'm not sure I can whittle it down to one. Let me delve through my iTunes collection...

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*Hours later after listening to some amazeballs tracks*

... And I present to you, this BEAUT of a song!!

You're All I Have - Snow Patrol <3

This is from my favourite Snow Patrol album, Eyes Open
I picked this because it's quite possibly one of my favourite tracks ever by them
And it reminds me of an awesome year <3

Snow Patrol have not produced a single track that I dislike. Love them. One day I WILL see them live.

P.S. Gary Lightbody, if you're reading, please come and serenade me every night? Deal? Magic.

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  1. I love Snow Patrol and this song is definitely one of my faves too! Just Say Yes and Chocolate are also really good. I've never seen any bands live but Snow Patrol are up there on my wishlist ;)

  2. I think they are my favourite band <3 Love Just Say Yes!! I hope they're touring this winter - I'm getting me some tickets hehe :D xxx

  3. I'd love to see Snow Patrol! I remember getting Final Straw for my birthday back in the day. I used to LOVE How To Be Dead <3

  4. Another great song :D xx