Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day Twelve: Whatever tickles your fancy

Hiya :)

I haven't intentionally fallen behind with this tag. I've had laptop issues :( But now I have a working laptop  (for now at least!) I can get on with blogging :D

Ok, so Day 12 of the 30 Days tag is a day where I can post whatever I like. I had a think and I came up with this :D

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I decided to post something that will hopefully tickle you ;P See what I did there haha?

These are some of my favourite comedy sketches ever :)

Michael McIntyre - Five Spice

Michael McIntyre - Sex On Fire

Michael McIntyre - Posh Drunks

Hope you enjoyed those!!

Are you a fan of Michael McIntyre? Who are your favourite comedians?

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  1. I loveeeee Michael Mc Intyre! Hes hilarius!! :) xx

  2. Yay :D Have you seen him on tour? I couldn't stop laughing for the entire 2 hour show haha! xx

  3. Oh my gosh he's too funny! We saw him at Birmingham and I positively CRIED with laughter. The spice that faced the wrong way made me laugh so hard I banged my head on the bar behind!! xx

  4. Haha he cracks me up every time!! I loved the bit about his kids, ice cream and the word 'please' - I laughed so hard! xx