Saturday, 17 July 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hello :)

What a boring week! And what a terrible week weather wise! I hope next week is better and brighter :)

* Tumblr
* Nice people on Twitter :)
* MSN especially chatting to Bicky, Maxi & Leanne
* One of my best friends winning £100 to spend in the Icebar in London and inviting me to go with her!
* Getting unexpected PayPal funds
* Winning two nail polishes in a Sally Hansen competition
* Blog sale success
* Finding a possible idea for some legal experience
* Airplanes by B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams

* People acting wierdly
* Lack of communication
* Royal FAIL
* Incorrect orders
* Hormones
* Lack of money
* NatWest being useless. Helpful banking my arse!
* Getting rejected from a job application
* Hearing a friend of mine has almost 30 rejections =\!!

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  1. And the prize for the most unrelated comment ever goes to... ;P

  2. I won Sally Hansen too! I totally forgot about entering, so it was a total bonus! I got miracle nail thickener, and nail shine miracle, haven't tried them yet. I hope the job situation gets better! That will be me next year, :(

    Anna x


  3. Me too lol! I got the same polishes. The nail thickener was ridiculously gloopy so I've stuck it in the fridge. The nail shine miracle is supposed to last for 10 days. It didn't even last for 10 hours :( Thanks, me too! Aww fingers crossed the job situation will be better next year! xx